Conveyors boost efficiency and productivity. By moving materials quickly and reducing the need for human labor, they save businesses valuable time and money while also lowering the risk of workplace injuries.

In order to get the most out of your conveyor system, you have to ensure that it is in proper working order. That means learning how to schedule and perform routine maintenance. From knowing when to check your systems (one to three months, depending on how often you use the conveyor) to keeping detailed records, a structured upkeep procedure will help your business identify and fix small problems before they become great big, costly problems.

A solid service routine will include:

  • Regular oil level checks
  • Frequent lubrication checks
  • Conveyor chain adjustments
  • Bolt inspection and tightening

 With frequent and thorough maintenance, you can prolong the life of your conveyor system. That will help your business reap the efficiency and productivity benefits long into the future.

Infographic about Maintaining Your Conveyor System

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