If you want to know how an overhead conveyor system will work in your facility before ever installing one piece of steel track, then a conveyor simulation is the way to go. Watch a real-time display of your system at work. You can see your full production cycles in motion and prove that it’s doing what it is supposed to.

With real-time integration, system demonstration, and conflict identification and resolution, you are getting the best scenario for your system as possible. With “what if” testing capabilities, you can create and test alternative system designs. Find out what design is optimal for your facility.

The benefits of conveyor simulation for your facility include learning production rates, demonstrating the effectiveness of your system, and finding conflicts in advance. It can also calculate your labor needs so you know how many workers you need to effectively run your system.

Be sure to check out the infographic below to learn more about the great uses of a conveyor simulation for your facility’s needs!

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Infographic about Choosing a Power and Free Conveyor

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