Power and free conveyor systems help businesses in various industries, including manufacturing, distribution, assembly plants, and paint lines, increase productivity. These same conveyor systems also help optimize every inch of space within their current facilities to meet growth demands without having to upgrade and expand the facility or move to a larger building.

Power and free conveyors offer a wide array of benefits, depending upon your needs and the type of configuration you prefer. For instance, on assembly lines where robots are being used, materials on the conveyor system precisely stop at each robotic interface throughout the entire production line. Another benefit of this type of conveyor system is being able to divert items on the conveyor in multiple directions to specific locations within the facility.

To learn more about the benefits of power and free conveyor systems, how they can help increase productivity, and how to select one, please continue reviewing and reading the following infographic.  

Infographic about Choosing a Power and Free Conveyor

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