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Zig-Zag. . . the Industry Standard

In 1938, Richards-Wilcox invented the original enclosed track conveyor. Since then, R-W has continued to refine the product, which today still sets the industry standard for effective material handling equipment.

Using standard modular components constructed for long life, R-W Zig-Zag conveyors solve a variety of manufacturing problems. From simple, in-line finishing systems to complex storage and retrieval systems, Zig-Zag is an efficient and economical solution.

Features—Eleven Standard Components

The Zig-Zag Monorail Enclosed Track Conveyor system features eleven standard components that provide a range of unique benefits (described in our “benefits” section, below). Each component of our Zig-Zag conveyor systems is manufactured to detailed specifications to uphold a strong professional standard of quality.

The following are standard components of the Zig-Zag monorail conveyor system:

  • Straight Track, 3/16“ thick, the heaviest in the industry, stocked in 10’ lengths
  • Welding Fixtures
  • Horizontal Curves, 3/16” thick, 90′ flame-hardened
  • Top Vertical Curves, 3/16” thick, 90-degree, flame-hardened
  • Bottom Vertical Curves, 3/16” thick, 90-degree, flame-hardened
  • Conveyor Chain, 6” pitch
  • Take-Up Assembly
  • Inspection Section
  • Chain Oiler
  • Standard Drive Packages
  • Load Pendant Attachments


  • 75 lbs. per load
  • Standard drive packages up to 750 lb. chain pull


  • Protects Product and Parts

Zig-Zag’s enclosed track protects the product from contamination that typically falls from open chain conveyors. Zig-Zag also protects the chain from airborne dirt, abrasives, and solvents, prolonging chain life.

  • Simplifies Installation and Maintenance

Zig-Zag is constructed of standard, modular components that guarantee easy installation, modification, and maintenance. Standard components also guarantee quick access through local stocking distributors.

  • Increases Throughput

Zig-Zag chain has a pitch of 6″ and is the shortest in the industry. This allows up to 33 percent more productivity. The pitch of our chain allows you to space load pendants closer with less wheel loading, allowing for more product throughput. This shorter pitch also allows for tighter radius horizontal curves.

  • Maximizes Floor Space

Zig-Zag’s standard 1′-6″ horizontal and 2′-0″ vertical curves can make tight changes in direction and elevation, freeing up valuable floor space for other assembly and storage operations.

  • Facilitates Upgrades

Zig-Zag was designed to meet manufacturers’ changing needs. As a result, it is the only overhead chain conveyor that can be upgraded to a power and free system utilizing all existing components.

  • Reduces Product Damage

Because Zig-Zag can transport product anywhere, product handling and damage are kept to a minimum.


Richards-Wilcox Zig-Zag enclosed track monorail conveyor systems can be used in a variety of applications across a broad range of industries. Thanks to its simplistic, modular design, Zig-Zag track can be easily installed on manufacturing floors, in auto-body shops, in receiving areas, etc.

The following are just a few of the potential applications of our unique monorail conveyor system:

  • Paint Finishing Systems
  • WIP Buffer Systems
  • Investment Casting
  • Progressive Assembly
  • Trash Conveyors
  • Tote Handling
  • Die Cast Rack Storage
  • Empty Carton Return
  • Plating Rack Storage
  • Sliver Can Delivery
  • Robotic Interface

Vertical Wheels on 6″ Centers

  • Spread the same amount of load over more wheels
  • Reduce the point loading on track and reduce wear

Whether you intend to employ a Zig-Zag enclosed track conveyor on an assembly line, as die cast or plating rack storage, or as part of your existing material handling systems, we’re confident that the quality and durability of Richards-Wilcox hardware will meet your needs for years to come. Experience smooth operation and long-lasting function that only the original inventor of enclosed track hardware can provide.


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