Safe-Rail® Monorail Enclosed Track Conveyor ►

Efficient & Expandable Material Handling

The Richards-Wilcox Safe-Rail monorail conveyor system is the ideal solution for hand-push transport and storage applications. Developed in the 1930s, it provides an excellent starting point for mechanized product handling.

Constructed of standard Richards-Wilcox components, Safe-Rail can be added onto at any time to build a more sophisticated power monorail or power & free conveyor system. Because of its compatibility with all other R-W overhead conveyors, conversion time is minimal and higher levels of productivity and efficiency are achieved almost immediately.

Features Eight Standard Components

  • Straight Track, 3/16 thick, the heaviest in the industry, stocked in 10 lengths
  • Horizontal Curves, 3/16 thick, 90°
  • Frog Switches
  • VMTs-automatically raise or lower product
  • Carrier Insert Section
  • Welding Jigs
  • Carrier Assemblies


  • Range from 125 to 1,000 pounds


Maintains Quality
Safe-Rail is a hand-push transport and storage alternative to manual rehandling of product. This decreases the potential for loss or damage.

Utilizes Space Efficiently
Safe-Rail frees up vital floor space, providing product movement throughout a facility and allowing for organized product flow.

Maximizes Product Storage
Safe-Rail provides dedicated storage in user specified area. This system eliminates wasted space and efficiently stores product in an organized manner within the same work areas, day after day.

Reduces Product Damage and Worker Injury
Since product is suspended from a Safe-Rail carrier, manual rehandling of product is kept to a minimum, reducing the chance of product damage. VMTs automatically raise and lower product, eliminating injuries related to lifting and bending.

Increases System Life
Safe-Rail’s enclosed track protects carriers and runways from dirt and other contaminants. In addition, Safe-Rail’s sliding frog plates support loads through switches providing both smooth travel and longer switch life.

Facilitates Upgrades
Safe-Rail components are compatible with all other Richards-Wilcox conveyor systems. As a result, Safe-Rail can be upgraded to a Zig-Zag or Twin-Trak system with 100 percent utilization of existing parts


  • Batch Paint Systems
  • Tire Retread Systems
  • Tool Support Systems
  • Synthetic Fiber Handling
  • Light-Duty Bridge Cranes
  • Manual Transport and Assembly

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