OveR-Way™ Inverted Floor Mounted Conveyor

OveR-Way™ Inverted Conveyors

Richards-Wilcox OveR-Way Inverted Power & Free conveyors combine power and free capability with the ergonomic flexibility of floor mounted systems. OveR-Way Inverted offers an ideal medium-capacity solution within applications where cleanliness and/or robotic interfaces are a major requirement.

Manufactured and stocked in modular components, OveR-Way Inverted is pre-welded at the factory to ensure unparalleled precision and quick turnaround on fast-track projects.


Modular Components
OveR-Way Inverted utilizes standard enclosed track components pre-welded at the factory making the system simple to install, maintain and change.

OveR-Way Inverted utilizes an additional guide track providing unparalleled stability where position accuracy is critical..

Self Supporting
OveR-Way Inverted requires no hanging or header steel. All structural support is provided within the design itself.


  • Range from 600 to 1000 pounds


Optimizes Production Rates
OveR-Way Inverted optimizes production by integrating processes typically serviced by multiple types of conveying equipment.
All components are located below the product thereby eliminating concerns of contamination.
Vertical adjustment of the work surface may be made with little or no additional cost.
Robot Friendly
OveR-Way Inverted provides 360 degrees of accessibility to the top and sides of the product making it truly “robot friendly.”
Energy Efficient
OveR-Way Inverted consumes substantially less energy than conventional assembly line conveyors.


  • Paint Finishing Systems
  • Robotic Welding
  • Robotic Assembly
  • Machine-to-Machine Transfers
  • General Assembly

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