Conveyor Simulation

Richards-Wilcox computer simulation presents a real-time display of your conveyor system before any major investment in physical materials. Our simulation graphically demonstrates the conveyor’s operation, how it interfaces with other equipment and personnel, and any potential bottlenecks.

Most importantly, computer simulation shows your production cycle in motion: storage lanes, traffic routing, through-put statistics, load/unload processes and other critical operations. By designing your conveyor on the computer first, we can fine tune and improve your system’s design to ensure optimal productivity before manufacturing begins.

Features & Benefits

Real-time integration
Simulation displays real-time integration of Richards-Wilcox conveyor and your production cycle before production begins.

Conflict identification and resolution
Simulation identifies potential system conflicts early in the development process and allows for system modification and alternative design to address production conflicts.

System demonstration
Simulation demonstrates system’s operational integrity prior to final system design.

Saves time and money
Simulation reduces re-manufacturing and installation costs.

Allows for “What If” scenarios
Simulation visually displays effects of alternative system designs.