Richards-Wilcox MonoCart features a floor mounted monorail conveyor track complemented with two top guide rails for cart adjustability for finishing applications. Rail adjustment segments are located wherever a tight tolerance operation is required such as robotic painting or load/unload areas. Specially designed carts support loads up to 300 pounds and have 8 smooth operating wheels that provide vertical and lateral stability for the parts being finished.

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Close up of MonoCart Guide Rails

Monorail Conveyor with adjustable guide rails

  • Rails adjust horizontally and vertically to increase cart stability
  • Adjustable segments located on 20″ intervals
  • Medium-duty applications up to 300 lbs per cart
  • 6″ Chain Pitch for greater loading capacity
  • MonoCart smoothly handles vertical inclines and declines up to 15 degrees
  • Index rotation and spin type rotation are available


MonoCart™ for Power & Free Conveyors

Get big benefits from the new Mono-Cart for Power & Free Conveyors for finishing systems.  Accumulate, load & unload, or halt product carriers for a robotic stop while the chain still moves.  Mono-Cart provides full  dwell times in paint booths, flash areas, and ovens.  This means you can design a more efficient, smaller finishing system while cutting utility costs too. Mono-Cart P&F finishing conveyor is perfect for lightweight plastic parts for small appliance, automotive, telecom, and more.