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Conveyors for Work in Process

  • Work in Process
  • Buffer Storage
  • Accumulation
  • Automatic Retrieval

Conveyors for Work in Process or Accumulation

If your manufacturing operation is like most, you want to realize efficiencies in production, making longer runs of products, styles, or colors whenever possible, yet maintaining minimal amounts of work in process for each shift.  Sometime the mix intentionally results in excess production that must be stored in a buffer until it’s ready for the next operation.  Our accumulation conveyor systems expertly manage this aspect of production for you.

The storage and retrieval of batched or mixed batch WIP can be simplified with a Richards-Wilcox accumulation chain conveyor to automatically store and recall Work in Process in a desired sequence using controls to merge specific product in order.

Overhead Conveyors for Work in Process

  • Richards-Wilcox WIP Solutions
    • Monorail or Power & Free Styles
  • Efficient, Economical Storage Solution for Work in Process
  • Overhead Design Maximizes Unused Vertical Space
  • Retrofit to your Manufacturing Operation
  • Power & Free Accumulates Loads between Work Cells
    • Multiple Loops  Buffer Product for Continuous Workflow

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