Material Handling & Fabrication ►

What do you need to do?

Move it, bend it, weld it with the help of Richards-Wilcox Overhead Conveyors

Conveyors for Material Handling & Fabrication

  • Steel Fabrication – Subassembly
  • Robotic & Manual Welding
  • Forming
  • Bending

Smart and Efficient Material Handling Solutions

Material fabrication and handling pose significant challenges in this Just-In-Time world of manufacturing.  How do you keep material handling to a minimum from start to finished product? How do you minimize labor and increase efficiencies? How do you reduce the number of work cells? All of these are important considerations when planning work flow and process mapping through the factory.

Conveyor Solutions

Richards-Wilcox Overhead Conveyors can provide complete solutions for complex challenges.  For example, an RW Conveyor can transport material in a seamless flow-through operation from welding cell, then to assembly on line, then to a wash and finishing system, and finally to an end cell where it can be unloaded for packing and distribution.  All of this can be accomplished with automated controls, reducing production errors and repetitive decision-making so your company is more productive and efficient.

Monorail or Power & Free Styles
Overhead or Floor-Mounted Conveyors

  • Reliable Low-Maintenance Systems
  • Space-Saving Overhead and Side-by-Side Configurations
  • Multiple Load and Unload Points
  • Automatic Control Systems
    • Tracking, Switching, Merging, Diverting
    • Color Typing
    • Signaling “Paint” or “Don’t Paint”
    • Automatic Rotation
      • Allows dense pack accumulation
      • Can reduce curing oven size

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