Finishing ►

What do you need to coat?

Steel, plastic, small parts, long parts?

Automotive, Appliance, General Fabrication, Telecom, Contract Furnishings, Consumer Goods

Finishing Applications

  • Powder  Coat
  • Wet Paint
  • Dip Systems
  • E Coating

Finishing from Simple to Complex

Whether your company deals with simple spray finishing solutions or large-scale robotic industrial finishing systems with constantly changing paint runs and variable products, Richards-Wilcox has a conveyor to keep it efficient and flexible.

Richards-Wilcox Finishing Solutions

Monorail or Power & Free Styles
Overhead or Floor-Mounted Conveyors

  • Reliable Low-Maintenance Systems
  • Space-Saving Overhead and Side-by-Side Configurations
  • Multiple Load and Unload Points
  • Automatic Control Systems
    • Tracking, Switching, Merging, Diverting
    • Color Typing
    • Signaling “Paint” or “Don’t Paint”
    • Automatic Rotation
      • Allows dense pack accumulation
      • Can reduce curing oven size

Keep It Clean

Tired of part rejects from contaminants on the paint line? Our overhead inverted box track and special pendants help keep your paint line clean, reducing risk of contaminants and eliminating messy drip pans. Swiveling pendants rotate freely to ensure even coverage of paint and powder with no wear to the conveyor chain, extending the life of your valuable industrial coating and finishing solutions, as well as saving you money.

Overhead or On-Floor? Flexible Solutions

In addition to overhead solutions, Richards-Wilcox Floor Mounted Inverted Conveyors can handle finishing for special or awkward parts requiring the ergonomic flexibility of floor-mounted systems. These conveyors offer an ideal medium-capacity solution for clean applications or robotic interfaces.

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