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Conveyors for Manufacturing Assembly

  • Supply WIP Lines
  • Multiple Line Drop Points to Maximize Efficiency
  • Ergonomic Delivery of Parts
  • Automatic Carrier Return for Reloading

Smart Assembly

So your product parts are welded and painted, now what? How do you move them efficiently to the next work cell for assembly without forklifts, manned devices, or additional expensive labor? It’s simple: Just use a Richards-Wilcox overhead conveyor for your assembly line needs.

Efficient and Safe Delivery of Parts

Overhead delivery of parts for assembly can be an efficient, space-saving, and cost-effective alternative to manual delivery. This is especially true if parts must travel from a remote area of the factory or a high-traffic area where lift trucks or hand carts are dangerous or inefficient.

Go Up, Over, and Around

We can use your overhead factory space to great advantage, avoiding traffic, machines, and obstacles by going over or around them with inclines or curves to move parts in more than just a straight line.

A Richards-Wilcox overhead assembly conveyor system, often interfaced with a floor belt conveyor, can send a continuous supply of parts to a single or multiple points on the assembly line. With automation controls, product can be indexed at variable speeds to different cells or to allow line workers to control the pace for maximum efficiency depending on complexity of the assembly. After unloading product hooks, the carriers can auto-return to specific load locations to be replenished.

Overhead Conveyors for Assembly

Richards-Wilcox Assembly Solutions
Monorail or Power & Free Conveyors

  • Efficient, Economical Solution to Deliver Parts to Assembly Cells
  • Space-Saving Design uses Inclines and Curves to Move Products Efficiently
  • Reliable Low-Maintenance Systems
  • Continuous or Variable Delivery of Parts with Automated Controls
  • Interfaces with Floor Assembly Line Conveyors
  • Reduces Cost and Labor
  • Custom-Designed Carriers

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