Conveyors for Finishing

What do you need to coat? Steel, plastic, small parts, long parts? Richards-Wilcox Conveyors can do it all.

Applications: Automotive, Appliance, General Fabrication, Telecom, Contract Furnishing, Consumer Goods

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Material Handling & Fabrication

Conveyors for Material Handling

What do you need to do? Move it, bend it, weld it with the help of Richards-Wilcox Overhead Conveyors.

Applications: Appliance, Automotive, Aerospace, Agricultural, Architectural, Consumer Goods


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Conveyors for Manufacturing Assembly

Learn why overhead delivery of parts for assembly can be an efficient and cost effective.

Applications: Automotive, Appliance, Telecom, Contract Furnishings, Electronics, Consumer Goods


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Conveyors for Distribution

Big Box or Little Box, Richards-Wilcox can keep your Distribution Center running lean, efficient and trash free.

Applications: Retail, Order Fulfillment, Tote and Box Delivery, Stock Warehousing, Trash Removal

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Work in Process and Parts Storage, Accumulation & Retrieval

Conveyors for Work in Process and Parts Storage, Accumulation & Retrieval

The storage and retrieval of batched or mixed batch WIP can be simplified with a Richards-Wilcox Overhead Conveyor and integrated controls.

Applications: Automotive, Appliance, Telecom, Electronics, Contract Furnishings, Consumer Goods, Aerospace


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