Conveyor Systems

Richards-Wilcox, the originator of the overhead enclosed track conveyor, has been helping to keep clients competitive and productive for over 100 years.

Our smooth-operating, dependable manual and power conveyor systems have the heaviest gauge track in the industry and are engineered for maximum efficiency. Our specially designed chain pitch can provide 33% more throughput than other overhead chain conveyor systems in the marketplace. What does this mean to you? It means your distribution center gets faster, your finishing operation wastes less time, and your JIT assembly line operates like clockwork, 24/7.

Our product catalog includes Richards-Wilcox High Performance Conveyor Chain, featuring a caged bearing design that maximizes durability to ensure no expensive production downtime.

It is the most important components of our overhead conveyor systems as well as the perfect choice for existing systems that need replacement conveyor chain for routine maintenance.

Available conveyor system products include:

A standard hand-pushed overhead conveyor system with a single enclosed track. Additional components may be added, and the system can be upgraded to include power operation.

A system with a single enclosed overhead conveyor track. Ideal for materials handling systems as well as finishing and storage applications. Over the years, the Zig-Zag conveyor has become a standard in the industry.

A unique conveyor system with a pivoting vertical pendant component that allows for clean operation. This system is ideal for industries that require a clean environment, such as paint finishing and electronics manufacturing.

A two-track overhead conveyor system that is ideal for applications where overhead space is limited. This particular power conveyor system can also be built from an existing Richards-Wilcox Safe-Rail or Zig-Zag monorail conveyor system.

A high-capacity system with a convenient over-under configuration. This system leverages a powered Zig-Zag conveyor design combined with two 3” toe-to-toe load channels.

A floor-mounted system with an over-under configuration that is ideal for medium-capacity needs. This particular product is also useful in applications where a robotic interface is being used.

If you’re not certain that one of our assembly conveyor systems or other equipment can meet your production requirements, then you should consider our consulting engineering services. Our team can create computer simulations that demonstrate how your production cycle will work with our equipment, which allows you to fine-tune the layout and processes before you make an investment. We also custom-design conveyor control systems that conform to your precise specifications.

Feel free to explore this website for additional information about our world-class product line. From high-quality overhead conveyor tracks to buffer storage equipment, our equipment can get the job done. Count on Richards-Wilcox for conveyors that can fulfill your company’s material handling, finishing, assembly, storage, and distribution requirements.


Richards-Wilcox is a private manufacturer of high-quality overhead conveyor track systems for use in many of industrial applications. We offer a variety of manual and power conveyor models with easy modular installation for flexible, safe, and efficient system function. From our industry standard Zig-Zag design to the unique over-under design of the OveR-Way conveyor, we have the selection to help any customer create exactly the system they require.

Since our company’s founding more than 100 years ago, Richards-Wilcox has been dedicated to innovation and quality manufacturing. In 1938, we invented the very first enclosed track conveyor system, nearly eliminating the safety and chain contamination risks of open track conveyor for finishing and assembly lines. Since then, we’ve continued to create new designs and perfect the quality of our high-performance conveyor chain and enclosed track overhead conveyor systems using only the highest quality of materials and the most cutting-edge technology.

We strive for the best levels of customer service and satisfaction and seek to provide guidance and resources to our customers throughout the design and purchase process. In addition to creating custom overhead chain conveyor systems to suit our clients’ needs, we also provide a real-time computer simulation of our conveyors, allowing clients to preview how their production cycle will look with a new finishing or assembly line conveyor and anticipate any problems before any money is invested.